President & Vice President of PERMIAS 2015/2016


Hi folks!
We are happy to announce the awesome people who will be holding the positions of President and Vice President of PERMIAS 2015/2016. Here they are! 

Name: Calvin Andrian
Nickname: Andrian
Birth date, place: 28 November 1996, Medan
Hobby: exercise
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: Chinese food
Favorite experience: Jajanan Indonesia (Indonesian Food Market)
Why do you join PERMIAS:

  • To involve more in PERMIAS organization
  • To socialize more
  • To share culture with the community
  • To have fun
How to improve PERMIAS:

  • Plan ahead
  • Review past events and programs (to eliminate or maintain events and programs)
  • Modernize (improve) events by sacrificing (eliminating) past events which have roughly the same budget

Name: Christina Alexandra 
Nickname: Lexa
Birth date, place: 19 March 1996, Jakarta
Hobby: listening to music, watching Youtube, socialize
Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite experience: volunteering to decorate one of the booth for Jajanan Indonesia (Indonesian Food Market)
Why do you join PERMIAS:
  • To make PERMIAS a home for Indonesian
  • To share culture with the community
  • To develop leadership skills
How to improve PERMIAS:
  • Come up with fresh ideas
  • Improve communication with other organizations on campus
  • Evaluate pros and cons of past events



Finally... the much needed break we are waiting for is here! It's SPRING BREAK! Greetings to all the warm sunshine and blooming flowers!

Psst we are soon going to share about the last big event we had in Winter term, but first let us explain. Traditionally, we had the annual Indonesian Night to share about our culture; however, this year we felt the need for a change. We felt the need to step out from our comfort zone and try something fresh and new, and hence Jajanan Indonesia (Indonesian Food Market) was out. 

What is Jajanan Indonesia? 
Jajanan Indonesia, Indonesian Food Market, is an event that focuses more on the food. The structure of our event was somewhat like a tour to five different main islands in Indonesia: Jawa, Sumatra, Kalimatan, Sulawesi, Papua. In each booth (island), we have tour guides waiting with information, visuals, audio, and of course, food. We served two kinds of food for each island; details are listed below:
  • Jawa: chicken satay & karedok
  • Sumatra: beef rendang & bika ambon
  • Kalimantan: cincane chicken & hekeng
  • Sulawesi: rica-rica chicken & green banana ice
  • Papua: saksak (Papua sweet sago dumpling) & sago pudding
Honestly? We received so many compliments about the food we served! Proud, yes

We are delighted to have you guys there to support us! Nothing makes us happier than hearing the feedbacks about our event from you guys. We hope to see you all again soon! Thank you!

Officers Application 2015-2016


Hi guys! Here's what you all are waiting for, the application form for the President position for 2015-2016 of Permias! After you completed the form, please email it to our email address ( in pdf version along with your resume!

Deadline for application: March 6th, 2015
Interview: April 4th, 2015
Announcement: April 5th, 2015

Don't be shy - anyone can become a President, so why don't you give it a shot? We will be waiting for your forms! Goodluck guys!



Proudly introducing the officers of PERMIAS for the period of 2014/2015!

"Why did you join PERMIAS at first place?"

"To broaden my leadership experiences and also to feel like I belong to a community that shares the same culture as me."
"To contribute to the OSU community as well as the Indonesian community and students."
"Out of curiosity."
"Because it is good for my leadership experiences, and also to learn something more interesting."
"I want to meet and socialize with new people."
"A chance to meet new people and to increase my college experiences."
"Because I want to try something new."
"I want to gain experiences involving community and help promote Indonesian culture."
"Because it helps me to connect with people from the same and different culture as mine. Plus, I get to improve and learn some important skills."

We hope to provide you more information regarding Indonesian culture! Add/like our Facebook profile & page to keep up with our culture and of course, our upcoming events! If you have some questions that we did not talk about, don't be shy to email us at - we will reply to it asap :)



Happy New Year 2015 everybody! With 2014 gone, we hope everybody has no regrets about it. If you do have some regarding stuffs you haven't had the chance to do in 2014, don't worry! - it's never too late. There's 364 more days in 2015 on which you can do a lot of awesome things you didn't do in 2014, or maybe you did but you want to do it again! Don't be discouraged, life is short so do whatever you desire - as long as it is good oops.

Once again, Happy New Year! Permias OSU can't wait to bring another good year for you guys to be remembered! Stay tuned! :)