January 17, 2015

Officers Application 2015-2016

Hi guys! Here's what you all are waiting for, the application form for the President position for 2015-2016 of Permias! After you completed the form, please email it to our email address (permias.orst@gmail.com) in pdf version along with your resume!

Deadline for application: March 6th, 2015
Interview: April 4th, 2015
Announcement: April 5th, 2015

Don't be shy - anyone can become a President, so why don't you give it a shot? We will be waiting for your forms! Goodluck guys!


January 12, 2015


Proudly introducing the officers of PERMIAS for the period of 2014/2015!

"Why did you join PERMIAS at first place?"

"To broaden my leadership experiences and also to feel like I belong to a community that shares the same culture as me."
"To contribute to the OSU community as well as the Indonesian community and students."
"Out of curiosity."
"Because it is good for my leadership experiences, and also to learn something more interesting."
"I want to meet and socialize with new people."
"A chance to meet new people and to increase my college experiences."
"Because I want to try something new."
"I want to gain experiences involving community and help promote Indonesian culture."
"Because it helps me to connect with people from the same and different culture as mine. Plus, I get to improve and learn some important skills."

We hope to provide you more information regarding Indonesian culture! Add/like our Facebook profile & page to keep up with our culture and of course, our upcoming events! If you have some questions that we did not talk about, don't be shy to email us at permias.orst@gmail.com - we will reply to it asap :)

January 01, 2015


Happy New Year 2015 everybody! With 2014 gone, we hope everybody has no regrets about it. If you do have some regarding stuffs you haven't had the chance to do in 2014, don't worry! - it's never too late. There's 364 more days in 2015 on which you can do a lot of awesome things you didn't do in 2014, or maybe you did but you want to do it again! Don't be discouraged, life is short so do whatever you desire - as long as it is good oops.

Once again, Happy New Year! Permias OSU can't wait to bring another good year for you guys to be remembered! Stay tuned! :)

December 03, 2014

Last of 2014

It's that week again - the dead week! Library is getting packed up, students are getting stressed out, weather is getting windy and chilly, and exams are invading in. Are you guys excited for finals?!! NO? ...We neither! :( But what can we say or do; exams need to be taken, words need to be chanted, and papers need to be scribbled. (the writer is suffering from pre-final poetic madness so don't mind the dictions)

Anyway, we can go through this together! Just a few days to go through and there's going to be a long long long winter break - hi Christmas, hi New Year!

Since it is the ending month of 2014, we decided to summarize our activities in this Fall 2014 term in this post. Ready? Set, go!







Ok that's all of 2014. We are expecting to see all of you who have joined our events again later! And for those who haven't joined any, it's still not too late! We are going to have events coming soon! :)

November 19, 2014


On this Friday (November 21, 2014), we are going to have an event called 'Movie Night'. It's basically an event where we show our choice of Indonesian movie on campus, and those people who are interested can come; it's FREE admission. Wohoo aren't we all happy with all things free?

Anyway, in this Fall 2014, we chose to show this movie entitled 'Sang Penari' (translation: The Dancer).
In this movie, a dancer of a village is believed to have some mystical power that could bring peace and prosperity to the village. When a girl wants to be dancer in order to save the village from poverty and hunger, her childhood friend who loves her opposes because when a girl becomes a dancer, she becomes everyone's possession as well; she has to please guys on bed after every performances. The girl insists, and the guy left the village, broken-hearted.

See the trailer here:

Remember to come and watch the movie, you will regret it if you don't! :)