November 19, 2014


On this Friday (November 21, 2014), we are going to have an event called 'Movie Night'. It's basically an event where we show our choice of Indonesian movie on campus, and those people who are interested can come; it's FREE admission. Wohoo aren't we all happy with all things free?

Anyway, in this Fall 2014, we chose to show this movie entitled 'Sang Penari' (translation: The Dancer).
In this movie, a dancer of a village is believed to have some mystical power that could bring peace and prosperity to the village. When a girl wants to be dancer in order to save the village from poverty and hunger, her childhood friend who loves her opposes because when a girl becomes a dancer, she becomes everyone's possession as well; she has to please guys on bed after every performances. The girl insists, and the guy left the village, broken-hearted.

See the trailer here:

Remember to come and watch the movie, you will regret it if you don't! :)

October 26, 2014


Introducing #INDObeavs
It might be too late but it's better than never; here's a group pic of the Indonesian beavers at Oregon State University taken at early September. We are feeling blissful to have more people from our home country at here. We hope to form solidarity bond with you all guys! Do have fun experiences here at our beautiful university! :)

October 20, 2014


Left: Jokowi - Right: Jusuf Kalla
Today, Joko Widodo (or what you all mostly know as Jokowi) and his partner, Jusuf Kalla, are officially appointed as the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia for 2014-2019 period!

After a long disputes about the presidential election between two pairs of the candidates, finally the constitutional court decided to reject all the arguments and appoint Jokowi-JK candidates as the official President and Vice President. This decision is made after having done a lot of conferences and researches. 

Anyways, we hope Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla will do an amazing job in leading and making Indonesia into a greater country! :)

October 02, 2014


Hi everyone, it is 12am and October 2, 2014 already! Third day of school; tired yet? Energized? Good to know! But first... guess what day it is? It's BATIK DAY! Batik has been a significant part of Indonesian culture for the beautiful and attractive pattern it has. Batik is made by using a traditional technique —wax-resist dyeing.

The making of Batik can actually be found in other countries as well, however Batik from Indonesia is the most well-known one for its outstanding quality, patterns, designs, and techniques. Yes, we can't help but to feel proud!

Some beautiful Batik patterns below:

AND... A bit history of Batik here:
The technique used in making Batik —wax-resist dyeing— is actually an ancient art from which has existed in Egypt in the 4th century BC. It has also existed in China during Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), in China and Japan during the Nara Period (645-794 AD), and in Africa for the practice of Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. But among these all, the Batik in Java, one of the islands in Indonesia, is the most developed one because the materials of making Batik are all available. After a while, Batik makers from Java island migrated to Malaysia and introduce the technique to the locals there. Oh, and one astonishing fact: the Tropenmuseum in Netherlands has the biggest collection of Indonesian Batik!
Google's doodle for Batik Day!


P.S. Wear and show off your Batik tomorrow by posting it to our PERMIAS page -link here- we can't wait to see you guys loving our culture! :D

August 17, 2014



It's day 17 of august, and it's Indonesia Independence Day - wohoo! How old is our dearest Indonesia now? Anybody knows? Yes, 69! It has been exactly 69 years since Indonesia has been an independent nation. Gotta be proud, shouldn't we? ;)

And... since it's obviously not our exquisite Indonesia's first birthday (ehem, 69th now), of course we have talked about some of the details of the independence day before. Please refer to here and here for some more exciting information regarding Indonesia! Below is our beloved Indonesia's national anthem. Click & enjoy!

Oh, and a bit of sidetracking, we just accidentally saw these on google and were astonished. Damn kewl!